All these services are offered on COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL levels.


We carry out intensive security and management training to convert the recruits into security guards. Age and physical fitness is one of the things we consider. Among other things covered in the syllabus are:

  1. Practical Security guards practice.
  2. General drills and disciplines.
  3. Traffic and parking control.
  4. First aid.
  5. Fire fighting and control skills.
  6. Patrol surveillance and counter surveillance.
  7. Use of aids to security and modern security system i.e. CCTV, Alarm.
  8. Communication in security perspective – radio calls, telephone.
  9. Customer care security perspective.
  10. Basic principal of Law & Investigations (Scene of crime prevention)
  11. Searching of personnel vehicles etc.
  12. Report writing, statements recording and note book / Occurrence book keeping.
  13. Emergency and disaster preparedness / response / pre-post emergencies.
We also train our guards as per the respective assignment procedures.

At the end of the training, the guards are capable to enhance the performance of security duties via: –

  • Protection / securing of life and property assets.
  • Maintenance of law and order.
  • Prevention, deterrent and detection of crime.
  • Enforcement of company (client) rules and regulation (Standing order procedures)
  • Assisting in pre-emergency and post emergency.
  • Arrests and investigations of crime perpetuators.
  • Keeping and maintaining of relevant records i.e. visitors goods.
  • Operation of occupational health and safety at work i.e. fire fighting and control skills.
  • Maximum utilization of aids to security.
  • Maximum use of the available parking area and parking control
  • Public relations and communication skills.
  • General searching i.e. Personnel vehicles etc.



All our guards are capable of performing their duties as per the client’s expectations.